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Yet another bloody Board opportunity….

Hi Bob 

I have a two-day Board meeting in London Oct 18-19. It's in the Hammersmith Novotel (probably quite swish).
Good gym? 
Might you be interested in being my carer/PA for this?
MS has taken on the role of a Trustee for the MND Association. His skills and training equip him to be helpful in this role. However despite his enthusiasm and commitment the difficulties associated with such a task are insurmountable on his own. He has been feeling more tired than normal and his right leg has been feeling even more useless. Possibly some signs of the inevitable disease progression. The rooms are not as well laid out as hoped for leaving him frustrated with even the simple tasks of gettiing up, washing and dressing. The hotel is full of potential hazzards from electric doors to escalators. And those bloody miles of thick pile carpets. You try wheeling yourself in a chair accross that lot!