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Cecilia McFarlane Dance Teacher at Dugout Adult Community Dance

Cecilia trained as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance and as a dancer at the London School of Contemporary Dance. She is an Oxford based independent dance artist with a national and international reputation for her work in the community. She is the founding director of Oxford Youth Dance, DugOut Adult Community Dance and Crossover Intergenerational Dance Company and co-founding director of Oxford Youth Dance Company. Her work is based on her passionate belief that dance is for everyone; it celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each dancer. As a performer she is continually curious about expression, how movement can communicate so powerfully to others without the need for words. Her work is very influenced by her studies with Joan Skinner, Helen Poynor and most recently Deborah Hay.

Even with MND and in a wheelchair, MS has found that "Dugout" in Oxford is inclusive and allows him to express movement, an everyday means of expression to the rest of us, despite his developing illness where even the simplest movements become more and more difficult. Here and on the next three pages are a series of images taken during a session at "Dugout" where MS is able to interact fully with the other members of the class.